Gallery K, Nicosia

Established 1996

Gallery K Nicosia was launched in 1996 as part of the expansion of Gallery K London with the specific purpose of showing and promoting contemporary Greek and Cypriot art in Nicosia. This was a strategic decision aimed at creating a second venue for our artists. The Gallery was founded by George and Ritsa Kyriacou. Since 2012 Gallery K has been managed by Ritsa Kyriacou who has many years of experience in art dealing and promoting established and upcoming artists whose careers the Gallery has helped to develop.

From 1997 the Gallery held exhibitions at the gallery space of the Yiorkion Hotel. In November 1999 it moved to its own premises in Limassol avenue, one of the capital’s major thoroughfares, where it still successfully operates today.

The Gallery’s policy to promote its artists often involved sequential solo exhibitions in London and Nicosia. The Gallery’s vision was to showcase the work of living artists in every medium – paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, photographs and studio ceramics. Since 2012 Gallery K has moved its core business operations from London to Nicosia.

Gallery K remains a significant gallery promoting Greek and Cypriot contemporary art with art dealing activities in London, Nicosia and Athens.