Alexandros Alexandrakis is an artist of international repute, having forged a strong reputation in the USA where he regularly submitted work to the Guggenheim, New York for its annual exhibition, National Unity, Letters and Arts.

As a young man, Alexandrakis became famous throughout Greece as a war artist. He sensitively depicted the terrible trials and tribulations of the Albanian campaign, 1941. The great majority of his war drawing and most of his war paintings are held by the War Museum of Athens.

During his formative years as an artist, (1931-37), he attended the Higher School of Fine Arts. He won prizes there for portraiture, the nude, the semi-nude, and composition. For his work is a celebration of the human form – the Ideal as well as the real.  His striving for ideal form shows a preoccupation with the meaning of beauty. His gods and goddesses are eloquently yet concisely written. His Male Nude (I &II) describes the Ideal Male. They are typical of his work in that all the postures of the body are elegant poses, rendered perhaps more so by their transference to paper.

Alexandrakis during his life was also awarded for the designing of posters, for his etchings, engravings and woodcuts. Gallery K is holding a collection of etchings both of his war drawings as well as of other subjects.

Alexandros Alexandakis - Spring II

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