Christos Caras

Christos Caras was born in Tricala, Greece. In 1951-55, he has studied in the School of Fine Arts in Athens. Between 1957 –67 he has studied Fresco in Paris. In 1976 he founded the Association of Greek Artists and in 1973 he went to New York to continue his studies.

Christos Caras is an artist of international fame and his work has been exhibited in many museums and important galleries in Athens and abroad. His works are held in many private collections in France, U.S.A, Japan and Greece.

As the art historian and critic, Prof. Haris Cambouridis writes in Christos Caras’ recent catalogue: “In most of his works time has stopped and the symbols softly converse, something which the viewer is not obliged to know in order to delight in the works. The painter is very discrete. He effortlessly speaks with his art, with his fellow artists and even with himself…On a different level we sway with the artist over the age-old questions of art: Colour vs. Forms, Chaos vs. Order, Emotion vs. Logic.”

Christos Caras was born in Tricala, Greece. He studied in Athens, Paris and New York. He has had many solo and group exhibitions in Greece, Europe and U.S.A. He lives and works in Athens.

In Caras paintings entire landmarks from 20th century art history pass before the eye, without forcing the audience`s attention: the dripping of abstract expressionism, the all-powerful colour of fauvism, the statuesque figures and trees of symbolism and in other paintings, pop art. Time seems to have been stopped not only for the protagonists in the works, but for the spectator too.

Still lives, female figures, mail torsos, floating objects deal with the age-old questions of art: colour Vs form, chaos Vs order and emotion Vs logic.

Christos Caras

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