Miranda Pissarides

21 October - 21 November 2016
Gallery K, Nicosia

Miranda was born and brought up in London where she still lives and works. However, she does love and often visits her two countries of origin: Cyprus and Italy. The colours and culture of both these places heavily influence Miranda’s work.
She graduated from Queen’s College, London and subsequently studied Fine Arts at St Martin’s and The Slade School of Fine Art. In 2011 she also followed a course in Fine art at Bezalel Academy of Fine Art in Jerusalem.

Miranda has taken part in solo and group exhibitions in different parts of the world: London, New York, Kyoto, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Israel and now is having another solo exhibition at Gallery K Nicosia.

Miranda’s work resembles an amalgamation of emotions, energy, and movement. At the same time, a sense of harmony persists.

“My work aims to create an all-encompassing experience for the viewer rather than a simple visual- subjective one. Essentially I am determined to bring together fragments of people, life and matters, which results in a kind of explosion. A black hole of wonder, desire, lust and rot” Miranda explains.


Exhibited Artwork